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Perfect integration with your interior

Premium decors tailored to your style

Lumilogy luminaires provide over 400 material options for their bodies, enabling seamless integration with your interior design or the creation of an eye-catching statement piece. Choose from premium 3M Di-Noc materials, available in wood, textile, metal, and a variety of other finishes.

Advantages of 3M decors


3M surfaces are resistant to UV rays, moisture, and temperature changes maintaining their appearance over time.

Easy maintenance

3M surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, contributing to the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the luminaires.

3M Di-Noc is a series of architectural finishes crafted by 3M, specifically designed to offer a premium, adaptable solution for surface decoration and refurbishment. These materials empower us to craft genuinely sustainable lighting solutions that uphold their aesthetics over time, remaining faithful to the natural materials they replicate.

Our decor collections


Elegant monochromatic finishes tastefully complement any interior.

PS-959 Matt white

Decor collections

Choose from 3 favorite STANDARD decors included in the price of editions, or from hundreds of other CUSTOM decors for maximum customization to perfectly suit your interior lighting needs.

3M decors catalogue

Check out the 3M decors catalogue.


Decor designed just for you

We create custom STICKERS decors with motifs tailored to your specifications.


Have a unique idea in mind? Share it with us, and an original Lumilogy luminaire can be yours.

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