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The intelligent system ensures your comfort.
High-quality lighting brightens up your interior.

works with Loxone

Building on our extensive partnership with LOXONE, our products are also offered in configurations optimized for effortless integration into the smart system.


For comprehensive home automation solutions, LOXONE comes highly recommended as our primary choice.

Lumilogy - Science of Light, Loxone platinum partner, slovenský výrobca osvetlenia
Absolútna kompatibilita
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Naše modely
Svetelne Stropy moderny dom s rímsami a svietidlom LOOP-W

All our models are 100% compatible with Loxone

Our luminaire models

Jednoduché ovládanie

Full control of your lighting

Indirect light
Colorful light
Tunable white
Ovládanie osvetlenia Loxone Smart Home, svietidlá Loxone, lumilogy svietidlá na mieru s nepriamym svetlom 2200K, nočné LED

Indirect light

Indirect lighting, especially used in the evening, creates a pleasant ambient atmosphere.

Komplexné riešenia osvetlenia
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Simplicity and intuitive control are our top priorities

Traditional wall-mounted control

Control and adjustment through the app

Remote and smart controllers

Complex smart features

Loxone Touch Pure tlačidlo s dieťaťom
Univerzálne dotykové tlačidlo

touch button

Ovládanie osvetlenia Loxone Smart Home, nástenné tlačidlo

Touch Pure Felx black


Jedna aplikácia

One application for everything

The application offers a uniform control experience across various devices, be it smartphones, tablets, or computers, regardless of the operating system—whether it's Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Aplikácia Loxone, ovládanie osvetlenia, svietidlá pre Loxone Smart Home, lumilogy

Easy control of luminaires from one place

Organizing by rooms simplifies navigation within the app. All your luminaires are conveniently grouped together, allowing you to control them individually or collectively with ease and intuition.

Aplikácia Loxone, ovládanie osvetlenia, svietidlá pre Loxone Smart Home, lumilogy
Smart ovládače

Smart controllers

Controller for every situation

Touch Nightlight
Remote controller
Touch Surface
Touch Nightlight nočné led svietidlo loxone na nočný stolík s budíkom hodinami a ovládačom

Touch Nightlight

Intelligent alarm clock, control panel, night light, and clock all in one elegant package. Thanks to its versatility, it's a great addition to any room.

Ovládateľná výbava

Complex lighting solution

Lighting with Loxone means more than just turning the lights on and off.

Loxone dimmer stmievanie, svietidlá pre Loxone Smart Home, lumilogy


The intensity of lighting can significantly change the atmosphere of a space. Not every occasion calls for a fully illuminated room. During moments of relaxation or in the evening, softer, lower-intensity lighting is often preferred.

Loxone fade in fade out led, svietidlá pre Loxone Smart Home, lumilogy

Gradual startup

The Fade In / Fade Out function ensures a gradual illumination and dimming of the lights. This not only is easy on the eyes but also extends the lifespan of the light source.

loxone opticky alarm, svietidlá pre Loxone Smart Home, lumilogy

Optical alarm

The flashing lights can serve as alerts for situations such as smoke, water leaks, or intrusions. They also function effectively as a silent notification, ideal for times when you prefer not to disturb certain household members.

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